A Memorable Way to Honor Your Loved One



If you have lost someone close to your heart, and you feel that your pain will never end, you probably agree with this small poem found on an Irish Headstone:

Death leaves a heartache
no one can heal

Love leaves a memory 
no one can steal

Because as you know, your life and the life of the person you loved and lost were so intertwined.
Both of you shared very intimate moments – your most private thoughts and feelings. Both of you shared your life journey supporting each other during the good times and also during times of hardship. So it is understandable that you and your family feel emotionally devastated because the emptiness in your heart is so immense.

Do you wish you could keep the loving bond alive?

What if you could really reconnect with your loved ones and their essence in a very unique and beautiful way?

While it is true that you would much rather have your loved ones physically with you, to see them, to hug them, it is comforting and healing to know that you don’t have to completely let go.

Just imagine….

  • Being able to fuse your loved one’s sacred ashes, their love and their essence into a beautiful glass pendant that you can wear every day

  • Feeling your precious pendant near your heart or in between your hands when you meditate or pray

  • Seeing how your loved one’s essence has been blended with the glass pendant forming beautiful designs

  • Hanging your favorite colored pendants infused with the swirling love of your cherished one from a window, so when the sun rays tenderly kiss them, you feel the warmth inside of your soul 

  • Hanging your one of a kind pendant from the inside mirror in your car, so any time you feel overwhelmed with sadness and loneliness while driving, all you have to do is take some comforting healing breaths while you contemplate your pendant. You know that your loved one wants you to be safe and happy

  • Knowing that your beautiful pendant holds an everlasting loving connection between your loved one and you. Your glass pendant is filled of your memories, your feelings, your thoughts and your endless love 

  • Remember, MY SACRED ASHES Glass Pendants hold the love and memory that no one can steal…


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