About the Process:

We make the entire process of ordering very easy from start to finish with My Sacred Ashes. When you place your order, we will send you a special sealed container and a measuring spoon to send us back the cremation remains. We will pay for postage and handling so all you have to do is measure out a small amount of cremation remains, place it in the special sealed container, and drop the envelope in the mail. (read more)


Why We Started My Sacred Ashes:

I was motivated to start My Sacred Ashes as a tribute to my father Jack. He passed away in November of 2011. I knew that it was his time, but I still couldn’t prepare myself for the grief that I felt afterwards. Not only was I deeply affected by his passing, but also my family, their children, and my children, (his grandchildren), felt similarly heartbroken. I was forced to try and come to terms with his absence in my life and what it meant going forward. I felt the need to stay connected with him, somehow.  (read more)


About the Artist:

T.H. has been designing and creating glass jewelry for more than a decade. He grew up in San Diego and lives in Ocean Beach- a sleepy coastal town within San Diego lovingly known for its peaceful hippies and nature aficionados. And indeed he finds much inspiration for his work within the flora and fauna of San Diego.  (read more)

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