About the Artist

T.H. has been designing and creating glass jewelry for more than a decade. He grew up in San Diego and lives in Ocean Beach- a sleepy coastal town within San Diego lovingly known for its peaceful hippies and nature aficionados. And indeed he finds much inspiration for his work within the flora and fauna of San Diego. It’s the small things in life that can make a huge impact on the soul: the curve of a flower petal, the taste and smell of the Pacific Ocean sea breeze, or the way warm sunlight feels against bare skin.  Ocean Beach is sort of a magical place that plays with all of the senses. It has fostered a creative environment where truly beautiful art is made. And T.H. takes a bit of where he comes from and lets that shape his work, infusing into the molten glass some of that special magic, that pure beauty that exists in its most simple form in Mother Nature.

And there is an eternal, timeless quality also found in nature that is particularly interesting to the folks at My Sacred Ashes. A delicate flower has the ability to connect us to the mysteries of life. We choose to celebrate this by creating jewelry inspired by nature that captures the essence and energy of a special loved one forever.

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