About the Process

We make the entire process of ordering very easy from start to finish with My Sacred Ashes. When you place your order, we will send you a special sealed container and a measuring spoon to send us back the cremation remains. We will pay for postage and handling so all you have to do is measure out a small amount of cremation remains, place it in the special sealed container, and drop the envelope in the mail.

When you send the cremation remains in to My Sacred Ashes, you have the option of also sending a non-returnable photo of your loved one and any information that you want us to know. We’ll spend some time considering the photo and information before we create your pendant. Each pendant we create is one-of-a-kind, always, in the same way that a fingerprint is unique. So we use the information you give us to create a pendant that will really honor your loved one’s individuality.

At My Sacred Ashes, we take extreme care in the handling of each order. We respect your concerns, feelings and the importance of our task. Each order is made individually, and we sanitize and clean our equipment, kiln, and hands between each creation. Ashes are handled with the utmost care and great attention to details.

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