Are you grieving the loss of a loved one?


What I learned when I suffered the loss of my dad is that we grieve because first we experienced LOVE and an emotional connection that is so profound with that special person. And then we are faced with the problem: “how do I keep on going without him?”

If you have lost a loved one, and are suffering grief, you probably feel the same way.

That is why I love My Sacred Ashes Glass Pendants. They have allowed me to feel a closeness to my dad in my heart, even though he is not here.

If you are also suffering grief because you lost a family member a close friend, or your beloved family pet, you will find comfort in having a MY SACRED ASHES GLASS PENDANT INFUSED WITH THE ASHES OF YOUR LOVED ONE.

My Sacred Ashes Glass Pendants allows you to continue your loving bond with your loved one. When you touch your pendants, it offers you an emotional tangible comfort for your grieving heart.

I know that it is true that nothing can replace your loved one, but My Sacred Ashes Glass Pendants offers you the opportunity to keep feeling close to him or her.

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Warm Wishes,

Pat Howell

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