“Are You Mourning the Death of Your Pet?”



I would say to those who mourn…look upon each day that comes as a challenge, as a

test of courage. The pain will come in waves, some days worse than others, for no

apparent reason . Accept the pain. Do not suppress it. Never attempt to hide grief.

Daphne du Maurier


Do you agree that losing your pet has been a heartbreaking process?

If you are mourning the death of your pet, we want to offer you a way to cope with

your pain.AJB_20070


At www.mysacredashes.com we lovingly create Cremation Glass Pendants infused with

your cherished pet’s ashes. Visit us here: www.mysacredashes.com so you can see the

beautiful designs and colors. Your “My Sacred Ashes Glass Pendant” can offer you

comfort during your times of grief. Select the one that speaks directly to your heart

and know that every time your wear your “My Sacred Ashes Glass Pendant” your pet’s

energy and essence are near you. Remember…your mutual loving connection remains





Pat Howell, Owner


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