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“For Everything There is a Season, a Time to Weep, and a Time to Laugh”

  “For Everything There is a Season, a Time to Weep, and a Time to Laugh” “My Sacred Ashes Cremation Glass Pendants”       Ecclesiastes – The Byrds “Turn Turn Turn”   To Everything (Turn! Turn! Turn!) there is a season (Turn! Turn! Turn!) And a time to every purpose, under Heaven A time [...]

“Comfort Your Grieving Heart”

My Sacred Ashes Pendants   “Comfort your Grieving Heart”   Friend, please don’t mourn for me. I’m still here, though you don’t see me I’m right by your side each night and day And within your heart I long to stay. My body is gone but I’m always near. I’m everything you feel, see or [...]

“Are you grieving the loss of your life companion”

My Sacred Ashes “Are you grieving the loss of you life companion” Me and the leaves are barely hanging on when I get the letter.  Autumn is painting change everywhere, and I am turning over a season of my own,  although the trees are doing a better job of letting go than I am. Leaves [...]


My Sacred Ashes Pendants “What we once enjoyed, we can never lose. All that we love deeply becomes a part of us” Helen Keller At   My Sacred Ashes   We truly believe that what you have loved deeply becomes a part of you. So even if your loved one died, you can never lose that loving [...]


My Sacred Ashes Glass Pendants   “When someone dies, you don’t get over it by forgetting; you get over it by remembering, and you are aware that no person is truly lost or gone once they have been in our life and loved us, as we have loved them”.  Leslie Marmon Silko At http://www.mysacredashes.com we lovingly [...]

Cremation jewelry and coping with the Holidays

My Sacred Ashes Cremation jewelry and  coping with the Holidays While I was observing people shopping for their thanksgiving celebration, I  remembered back in time to the thanksgiving dinners that my family celebrated together. Those were great times , with lots of delicious food and football and yes, the presence of my father playing games [...]

“Sorrow, by Abraham Lincoln”

“MY SACRED ASHES  GLASS PENDANTS FOR YOUR TIME OF SORROW” “Sorrow, by Abraham Lincoln” In this sad world of ours, sorrow comes to all, and it often comes with bitter agony. Perfect relief is not possible, except with time. You cannot now believe that you will ever feel better. But this is not true. You [...]