“You Can Have Comfort When You are Grieving for Your Pet”

My Sacred Ashes

Go then, merrily to heaven. Richard Burton

We had quite a few dogs that grew up with our three children. Volley was a german shepherd, Dulce was our sweet black labrador and Oso was our huge alpha male rottweiler.  These dogs were the perfect companions for our children, they were playful, loyal, fun and very protective.

So it is understandable, that we were all devastated as each one of them got old, sick and eventually died.

I wish back then we had had the opportunity to create “My Sacred Ashes Glass Pendants” infused with the ashes of our dogs. I know the pendants would have given us a lot of comfort.


If your pet has gone to heaven and you wish to feel his or her essence near your heart, you can order your own My Sacred Ashes Glass Pendant infused with the loving ashes of your pet, we gently blend your pet’s ashes into a beautifully designed glass-blown pendant that can comfort you every day…

Click here www.mysacredashes.com so you can select the glass pendants that whispers comfort to your soul.


Pat Howell, Owner


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